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In need of full-service car selling services? Perhaps, you are looking for a vast selection of quality used auto parts. You've found your source. Western Metal Recycling is your cash car buyer as well as your source for quality used auto parts. We offer top cash for cars and low prices for tested and certified parts

  • Cash for cars
  • Free car removals Warnbro
  • Quality used auto parts

Western Metal Recycling Pays Cash for Cars Warnbro

Western Metal Recycling is a cash car buyer Warnbro buyer. While other buyers may not find value in vehicles that are in damaged condition, they have value with Western Metal Recycling. Our car wreckers recondition engines, body parts, and engine parts so that we can offer top cash for any make and condition. When we purchase vehicles, we offer a full-service sell, including free car removals Warnbro, so there are no inconveniences to get your car sold. Have your vehicle valuated today. Contact us over the phone or online.�

Quality Used Auto Parts Warnbro

Spare auto parts aren't much good if they don't last. All Western Metal Recycling secondhand parts stock are tested and certified to ensure the quality and longevity of the parts. We offer a massive selection most of which are from vehicles that are car wreckers have dismantled, going through each part to test its performance and longevity and reconditioning the parts to ensure they are in top condition before being shelved. With us, you have value for money in auto parts Warnbro.

Western Metal Recycling offers consumers the ease of shopping our parts stock or getting assistance for their auto parts needs online, over the phone, and at our yard. Please contact us for the best selection of auto body parts, electrical parts, used engines, and engine parts.

Cash for cars Warnbro & secondhand parts - Call us at 0415 227 955.

Car Wreckers Warnbro � Free Car Wrecking Services

Western Metal Recycling relies on our wreckers to provide the best cash for cars prices and the knowledge and expertise to pull only parts and components of high quality for us to offer a used auto parts stock that is top of the line. Our car wreckers are responsible for dismantling vehicles, pulling engines, engine parts and body and electrical parts. With their expertise, our customers are provided with the best of services, whether selling vehicles or looking for a quality used auto parts that offer value for money.

We provide a complete stock of foreign and domestic auto parts:

  • Used auto body parts
  • Used electrical car parts
  • Used engines
  • Used engine parts

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Western Metal Recycling is committed to providing our customers with exceptional quality in sales and services. With car wreckers that are dismantling vehicles daily, our used auto parts stock is stocked to its fullest with tested and certified to ensure quality and longevity. Our parts assistants are knowledgeable and helpful, troubleshooting engine problems with car owners and helping them to locate auto parts quickly.

We also have a house of appraisers that provide our customers with top cash for cars Warnbro offers. Car sellers that accept our quotes receive free car removals Warnbro so that there are no inconveniences, only an increased in savings when selling vehicles as there are no towing fees charged.

With Western Metal Recycling, you receive the very best when it comes to:

  • Selling cars Warnbro
  • Buying quality used auto parts
  • Scrap metal services
  • Free car removals

Call us at 0415 227 955

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