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Used BMW Parts Perth

Sometimes, it can be really hard to find a spare part for a car. Countless visits to auto market and internet searches may disappoint you, with no available used part for the model that you�re looking for. And even if you find it somewhere on the internet, you can never be sure if the used car part is 100% genuine.

Why Choose Western Metal Recycling?

Western Metal Recycling have good news for all BMW owners! You can find all the car parts you need in our warehouse for any model of BMW car that you might have. We are a reputable, local car wrecking company in Perth who efficiently salvage quality and 100% genuine BMW car parts and accessories using eco-friendly auto-recycling standards to sell them as second-hand car parts online and at our warehouse in Perth.

Every car part that you buy from us comes with a warranty so our customers can have the peace of mind of getting the best value for money. We can also ship the car part to your doorstep for a reasonable shipping fee. So, quality and convenience is what you get with us. Our team is very knowledgeable about all cart parts and can guide you well to decide which part would be ideal for your car model.

Why Buy a Second-Hand Car Part from Us?

Used BMW Parts
Since BMW is a famous brand and too expensive for everyone to own. If you find a used BMW at an affordable price and are only reluctant to buy it because it has a few faulty parts or missing accessories, then worry not! Western Metal Recycling have second-hand BMW car parts available in our computerised inventory at quite obtainable prices.

Contact Us:

Western Metal Recycling can deliver any BMW car parts to anywhere in Perth or Australia-wide. So, if you�re looking for a second-hand car part then give us a call at 0415 227 955. Our experienced representative will check your required used BMW car part on our computer and instantly tell you about its availability. Finding used car parts cannot get any easier than that!

For any further queries regarding BMW car parts or our car wrecking services, feel free to call us 0415 227 955.

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