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Get the Ford out with Western Metal Recycling Perth!

Is your old Ford car acting up? Does it no longer function the way that it used to, and is now more of a liability than a convenience? Well if that is the case then you are probably worried that nobody will buy the car from you because of all that has gone wrong with it. Well, worry not; Western Metal Recycling buys everything from broken down Telstars to damaged Lasers.

Apart from our eco-friendly car wrecking business Western Metal Recycling also offers its customers an extensive range of Audi used accessories and spare car parts. We have experienced auto parts specialists in our team who possess expert knowledge about second-hand car parts to provide reliable information to our customers in Perth.

Don�t save the trash

Used Ford Parts
Saving up your useless car does you and the environment more harm than you are aware. The older the car gets the more fuel it consumes so you end up spending a lot on fuel even to travel very short distances. Exhausting so much fuel also threatens the world�s fossil fuel reserves and plays a crucial part in the increasing global warming effect.

Why use something that is doing you more harm than good?

Western Metal Recycling Perth gives you the best prices for your cars regardless of how badly they are already wrecked. We value our customer�s needs and convenience so we provide a fast and friendly service to all of them. We also offer to take the car out ourselves from your house so that you don�t have to worry about ways to get the car to us.

We provide our customers with a 24 hours service, 7 days of the week and pay up to $10000 for scrap cars and damaged vehicles.

We supply used car partsin Perth for Ford models like its Laser, Courier, Falcon, Explorer, Focus and many more. We also supply second hand tyres and car batteries. Western Metal Recycling Perth buys directly from the public and recycles and salvages the scrap cars for quality used parts and recycles whatever can�t be salvaged.

If you are looking for a Ford used car part or accessory, be sure to get in touch with us. We have a lot of stock in our warehouse of quality, 100% genuine used car parts for cars of many different makes and models.

Since we have been doing this for many years and get to buy used cars and spare parts from over 15 to 20 customers per day, we are experienced and efficient in what we do. You can call us to get a quote or for other details on 0415 227 955.

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