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The road warrior may be in wrecked condition, but you can still get monstrous cash for your 4WD. Western Metal Recycling is your way to that top dollar sale for your wrecked car in Perth.

How to Get Monstrous Cash for Your Wrecked 4x4?

You may have pulled a few parts out of your wrecked 4x4 and resold them for extra cash. Perhaps, you don't know the first thing when it comes to the engine. Regardless, Western Metal Recycling offers top cash for cars of any make and condition. We are the car recyclers in Perth that know how to get value from 4x4s.

Wrecking & Recycling Your 4x4

4WDs are typically pretty heavy vehicles. So, imagine the scrap metals and steel of the truck. That is all metals that Western Metal Recycling will recycle. We make quotes based on the condition, make, year, weight and size of the 4wheel drive, so our customers Get top Cash for 4x4s that we recycle.

Selling Your 4WD To Us

When you have a wrecked 4WD, you can choose to sell it to us. We are car buyers in Perth that specialise in 4x4s. Our appraiser and wreckers are about the best there are, so our customers have quality services and top cash for their 4WDs.

We also have a selling process that is second to none. How's not leaving your property to get your 4wheel drive sold sound? There's no reason to go out of your way. We come to you to buy & remove the 4WD. We only require that you request a quote and the quote is accepted to schedule removal. We make quotes over the phone and online, so you don't waste time knowing the price we'll offer for your truck.

  • Contact us for a quote. Call us or visit our homepage for an online quote.
  • Accept or reject our cash quote.
  • Schedule a free 4x4 removal Perth.
  • Count your cash.

We are the 4x4 buyer that will make you our best price for your truck regardless of its make and condition. Get top cash by calling us at the number below or visit our homepage for an online quote.

We buy any make and condition of 4x4 for top cash. Call us at 0415 227 955.

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